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  • Temporary-employment agency work

    We are certified to do temporary-employment agency work and do not only offer you our vehicles for your heavy duties but also our trained workers.

    • Crane operators for big vehicles, truck-mounted and caterpillar cranes up to bis 500 tons inland and abroad
    • Personnel for the installation and dismounting of for large equipment inland and abroad
    • Crane drivers for various sizes and models of truck-mounted cranes
    • Trcuk drivers for transports inland and abroad

    Here you can find an overview of our references:

    • Scholpp, Ettlingen
    • Buller, Greven
    • Schuch, Speyer
    • Born, Saarbrücken
    • Schädlich, Stützengrün
    • Neukirch, Bremen
    • Seeland, Hamburg 

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    Megalift Krane

    Digitization project

    We started our digitalization project in 2020 from which MEGALIFT-GmbH has benefited. Get an insight into our company.

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