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  • TEREX AC 40-City 

    The TEREX AC 40 CITY is the most compact city crane in the 40 t load capacity class. Ideal for numerous special tasks.

    • Only 7.34 m chassis length
    • Only 8,57 total length
    • Maximum system length 44.2 meters
    • Ideal for low throughput heights
    • Inserts especially for indoor work and the narrowest room. Special trade fair on & dismantling
    • mounting tip - e.g. for crane runway assembly
    • Special inserts without hooks with headrail
    • Load procedure on wheels
    • Due to the overall length and four-wheel steering very good for densely built residential area with narrow streets
    • Comprehensive approval network / no blocking times due to its own weight of 33 tons, thus versatile.

    • Nominal Carrying Capacity: 40.0 tons
    • Number of Axles: 3
    • Tare weight: 33.0 tons
    • Main boom, max.: 31.2 meters
    • system length, max.: 44.2 meters
    • Quadratic spots, max.: 6.40 x 6.20 meters


    Dimensions of the TEREX AC 40-City

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