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  • Newsletter 2020_10

    Update from digitization project

    After the launch in June, the first progress was made in the project work. The first workshops led by Christoph, Lucas and Yannick on idea creation have been successfully held and are paving the way for further work on digitization options. 

    In the context of digitization, we can also report 17 new additions: In order to take the next step towards a sustainable and digitized world, daily reports, time sheets and performance certificates will no longer be filled out on paper in the future. Instead, each of our drivers will receive a brand new tablet on which the documents will be filled out.

    As part of the project work accompanied by the Bremen Institute for Production and Logistics (BIBA), the new technology is to be fully implemented by early 2021. A preview of the implementation is planned for the Logistics Day on 15.04.2021 at BIBA.

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