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    Support of the civil emergency preparedness

    MEGALIFT Bremen GmbH supports the civil emergency preparedness (ZN) in road transport of the Federal Republic of Germany through its voluntary work. For this we have been awarded by the President of the Federal Office for Goods Transport (BAG), Andreas Marquardt, in February 2021. Our transport services in the heavy goods sector are thus classified as particularly high-performance for the purposes of civil emergency preparedness. Our operations therefore carry important social significance in the event of an incident.

    The Federal Transport Organization, or TOB for short, comprises more than 600 transport companies nationwide. The TOB is subject to the Federal Office for Goods Transport. The organization and coordination of transports is based on the Transport Security Act and may only be used in emergencies such as defense or alliance cases.

    The aim of the TOB is to carry out supraregional and cross-border transports of goods for defense purposes in order to supply the population and the armed forces. TOB serves the cases clearly defined in Article 80a of the Basic Law.
    As a contributing company, we are obliged to actively support and maintain vital logistics in crisis situations such as natural disasters, particularly serious accidents, including terrorist attacks, or in economic crisis situations.

    In order to ensure availability even in the event of a disruption in the telecommunications network, we are holders of a telecommunications preauthorization in accordance with §6 - Post and Telecommunications Security Act (PTSG). This obligates our telecommunications provider to provide us with a new connection or transmission path immediately and with priority in the event of damage. This covers cases of damage such as natural disasters, power failures, and cases of defense.

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